The greatest Mom

My mom is my hero because she takes care of me when I’m not feeling well.She also will support me when I play games. My mom also provides for our family.

My mom cares for me a lot. My mom gives me medicine and takes care of me when I’m sick or not feeling well. My mom also buys my needs like if I need notebook paper for school she will get me some when we go to the store.She will get me through hard times.

My mom is always there for me.My mom supports me when I play baseball and basketball and she will help me practice.She is also there for me when I am upset.

My mom provides for our family.She provides for are warm house and are car so we can go places.She buys us food so we don’t starve and buys us clothes to keep us warm.
She is the best mom ever. She loves me and cares for me.I want nothing to happen to her because she Is my mom and I love her. That’s why my mom is my hero.

5th grade reflections

1 thing I learned is some algebra and alot about life cycles in sicence.

1 thing I struggled with is math and social studes.

1 thing that suprised me is thatthe seventies was the time where disco was invented.

1 thing that disapointed me is that we did not learn how to face time with people across the world in language arts.